Updated Dec 6, 2019

Zero waste Christmas Market in Brighton

Following on from the success of the first ever European city zero-waste Christmas market in London, another zero-waste Christmas market is to be held on the 15 December at 'The Old Market' in Brighton.

Celebration at Christmas time, though great, is often plagued with issues of waste and environmentally damaging outcomes, both in the public eye, and in the retail sectors. Multitudes of wasted paper and plastic can be generated in events like markets, not to mention in our own homes, with Christmas wrapping paper, discarded cracker shells and trashed tissue crowns dominating the collection bins in the weeks to follow. Even food has grown to be an issue, as overwhelming amounts are purchased with a majority going to waste. The zero-waste market hopes to change this growing problem.

This will be seen as a chance for shoppers to indulge to their content, all whilst knowing that products they buy are good for the planet, taking off a large portion of the stress placed on shoppers who are looking to stay green. Available at the market, there are a total of 43 zero-waste brands to choose from.

As there is usually unnecessary amounts of waste generated by gifts and their wrapping, there will also be zero-waste gift wrapping available to buy. Alternatively, for those who are not interested, or simply not as good at wrapping, there is a station where it can be done for you. 

As well as these specialised stores, there will be the usual components to a Christmas market, such as:

  • festive workshops;
  • face paints;
  • stalls to win prizes.

These normal items will help to highlight the alternative waste free ideas that are possible for companies to employ, and the market as a whole will serve to set a positive example for the future of waste free retail, along with the hope that the world's effort is improving. This way, it is possible for you to cut down on the waste, without cutting down on your Christmas experience as whole.