Legal profession outline measures to address permission expiry deadlines

The Law Society of England and Wales Planning and Environmental Law Committee and the City of London Law Society Planning and Environmental Law Committee have outlined a number of planning measures...

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HSE issue open letter to the food industry over coronavirus concerns

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published an open letter to the food industry in response to concerns raised originally by bakeries, but the relevance of the point...

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50th anniversary of Earth Day

22 April 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual event celebrated across the globe to show support for environmental protection.

Celebrations for this year have taken a digi...

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HSE advice on the importance of fitting RPE correctly

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is advising healthcare workers, currently using respiratory protective equipment (RPE), on the importance of ensuring it is fitted...

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Hospitals struggling to fit check RPE of doctors and nurses treating COVID-19 patients

Due to the limited supply of disposable respiratory protective equipment (RPE), hospitals in the UK are no longer insisting on appropriate fit tests of FFP3 face masks for doctors and nurses before...

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Businessman fined for breaching environmental permit

Director of A Morrey Distribution Limited (AMDL) faces a bill of £84,000 for failing to comply with an enforcement notice, requiring him to submit a Fire Prevention Plan for a former permitte...

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COP26 climate talks in Glasgow delayed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic

The crucial 26 UN conference of the parties (COP) was originally scheduled to take place in Glasgow on November 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it had to be postponed until nex...

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Metal fabricator fined after eight-year-old girl crushed by steel gate

A manufacturer of a steel gate has been fined after an eight-year-old girl was crushed at a London primary school.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard that in May 2018 the girl was leaving...

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Manufacturer fined after agency worker's arm was dragged into a press roller

An agency worker at E.G.L Homecare Limited suffered a severe crush injury to his arm as he attempted to remove dirt from a press roller.

He was working on a production line that glued spong...

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Surge in clean energy during coronavirus lockdown

On Sunday morning, less than 15% of electricity came from coal plants and almost 40% of the UK's electricity came from windfarms. Solar power also made up nearly a fifth of the power system.

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Green belt home rejected

Planning inspector Brendan Lyons has rejected plans for a home to be built on eight acres of pasture field on the edge of Egerton which forms part of the Green Belt. The original proposal was...

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Record levels of renewable energy capacity in 2019

The year 2019 represented an all-time record, where almost three-quarters of new electricity generation capacity used renewables.

New data provided by the International Renewable Energy Age...

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Permitted development rights extended for COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government decided to instruct pubs, restaurants and cafes, as well as other industries and services, to shut down. Whilst financial aid is available, the...

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Appeal against rejected judicial review on proposed housing development dismissed

A local resident appealed against a decision, that a proposed housing development on a brownfield site was not an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) development.

The appeal Site A, prior...

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Judicial review application of local authority's decision to grant agricultural land in the Green Belt refused

The claimant applied for judicial review of the defendant local authority's decision to grant planning permission for the development of agricultural land in the Green Belt.

The development...

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