Updated Dec 22, 2022

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MPs say hydrogen is not the solution to achieving net zero

MPs from the Commons Science and Technology Committee have argued that while hydrogen does have an important role to play, it is not the UK's answer to achieving net zero.

One of their main reasons behind this statement is that the lack of infrastructure and excessive costs mean hydrogen will not be readily available for mass use in the short and medium term.

Currently most of the hydrogen produced is done so using fossil fuels, and is not 'green hydrogen' which again indicates in its current form, widespread use would not truly but the UK's emissions.

Hydrogen can be a solution where electrification isn't possible or as a means of energy storing, but it does have a limited role.

The Committee have stated that it is a possibility that hydrogen could be blended with natural gas to heat homes by 2026, however it would still utilise fossil fuels.

Greg Clark MP, Committee Chair, commented: "There are significant infrastructure challenges associated with converting our energy networks to use hydrogen and uncertainty about when low carbon hydrogen can be produced at scale at an economical cost."

"We welcome the government's high-level strategy and support of hydrogen trials but future decisions on the role of hydrogen must increasingly be practical, taking into account what is technically and economically achievable."

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