Updated Dec 2, 2021

Hydrogen plant planned for North East

BP has announced plans to build a hydrogen plant in Teesside, in the North East of England, known as 'HyGreen Teesside', that could produce up to 500MW of hydrogen by 2030.

The plant is expected to begin operations by 2025 and have an initial hydrogen production capacity of 60MW.

BP estimates that their 'HyGreen Teesside' project could help deliver 30% of the UK government's target to deliver 5GW of hydrogen production by 2030.

Senior Vice President for Hydrogen at BP, Louise Jacobsen Plutt, said: “Together, HyGreen and H2Teesside can help transform Teesside into the UK’s green heart, ‎strengthening its people, communities and businesses. This is exactly the type of energy we want to ‎create and more importantly deliver.”

In support of the plant, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps added: ‎“This is excellent news following the recent COP26 summit and I look forward to supporting industry ‎to develop new technologies as we build a cleaner transport system and work towards a net zero ‎future.”‎