Updated Nov 2, 2022

SEAI launch Home Energy Plan

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) have launched a new energy plan to help people "take control of energy use this winter".

The Home Energy Plan aims to reduce energy bills through "big-impact actions" that have no or low cost to people. Energy use is split into three areas which are heating, electricity and transport.

The first focus for the Plan is reducing heating costs as the colder weather starts. This can make up to 60% of a household's energy bills.

Some of the advice given includes:

  • lowering your thermostat by one degree which can reduce your heating bill by 10%. Living areas should be set to 19°C, and bedrooms and hallways to a lower 15-18°C;
  • using timers to make sure your heating is only on while you are in the house;
  • Only heat your water when required by controlling your immersion heater.

Commenting on the campaign, Tom Halpin, Head of Communications in SEAI said:

"We can all see how the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is affecting energy prices across Europe. It’s no different in Ireland. The Home Energy Plan will help inform people about their energy use and share advice on how they can reduce their use. In the wider context of rising energy bills and the urgency of climate action, people are actively looking for ways to make an impact. Much of our energy use is habitual and behavioural changes can make a huge difference."

To sign up to the Home Energy Plan in Ireland sign up here on the SEAI website.