Updated Jul 19, 2022

How to stay cool sustainably

Medical Journal The Lancet, has produced some guidance on how to best stay cool sustainably.

The guidance outlines "cooling strategies that are low cost, accessible and sustainable [and] can be implemented at the individual level to reduce physiological heat strain".


Several ways to cool down are considered with both the negatives and positives of each being evaluated. They include:

  • electric fans;
  • self-dousing;
  • foot immersion;
  • wet clothing;
  • evaporative coolers;
  • misting fans;
  • ice towels;
  • cold water ingestion.

Cooling strategies for different settings are also outlined in the advice, with the following being considered:

  • aged care homes;
  • workplaces;
  • schools;
  • playing sports;
  • mass gatherings;
  • refugee camps;
  • slums.

Some of the suggestions specifically for workplaces are:

  • electric fans;
  • self-dousing;
  • drinking cold water;
  • optimising clothing;
  • evaporative coolers;
  • adequate natural ventilation;
  • improved construction materials;
  • rooftop sprinklers;
  • shaded areas;
  • extra physical activity breaks;
  • hydration monitoring.

For more information, you can visit the Lancet website.