Updated Jun 1, 2022

Energy from grass? Now that's truly green energy

Green energy supplier Ecotricity has started the construction of a green gas mill near Reading in Berkshire that will produce gas from grass.

The mill will use a mix of grass and herbs to generate the gas, which is a more sustainable alternative compared to conventional methods of making green gas.

Ecotricity has predicted that the mill will cover the gas needs of around 4,000 homes every year, and is expected to be operational in the early months of 2023.

Founder of Ecotricity, Dale Vince, said: "Green gas is cheaper, faster and far less wasteful than a switch to heat pumps. And it will work for every home – no exceptions. It will give us a more balanced and diverse outcome in terms of energy supply and form an essential part of the smart grid we need – with gas and electricity grids supporting each other, sharing the energy load of the country."