Updated May 24, 2023

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Thermal camera spots homes in need of energy efficiency upgrades

British start-up Satellite Vu have used a thermal camera to fly over Leeds and map information on the current energy crisis.

The thermal camera can pinpoint which houses are leaking the most heat and would benefit most from upgrades to energy efficiency.

Satellite Vu were able to map 115 square miles in just two hours, which from a street level would have taken months.

An operator of the technology, Mike Kirstein, commented "we are getting insight into how people are using their energy".

The mapping has been funded by the MCS Charitable Foundation, who are campaigning to make people more conscious of the impact of wasted heat on energy bills.

The maps use colour coding to show which of the houses are leaking the most heat, with different shades of blue. Lighter colouring indicates that a lot of heat is being lost, and darker colour shows less heat being lost and better insulation.

Richard Hauxwell-Baldwin, the foundation's research and campaigns manager, commented: "We know these houses are leaky and we need to solve the problem.

"We need to retrofit many more properties than we are at the moment - and a benefit of the thermal camera technology is that it helps local authorities pinpoint where they need to channel their efforts to make the most impact."

Satellite Vu are also about to launch a satellite in June, which will be the first of eight. The satellites will be used to gather data on energy use around the planet.

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