Updated Mar 1, 2024

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Decline in UK energy consumption

The latest government data has shown a decline in energy consumption across the UK during the October to December 2023 period.

During this period primary energy consumption in the UK was down 2.1% when measured based on fuel input. After adjusting this figure for temperature, the decline was reported to be 1.5%.  It is believed that this decline was largely due to increased energy prices.

There were also reported changes in terms of energy production during this time.

Energy from renewable sources saw record high production with a 6.1% surge. Renewables contributed to a huge 49.4% share of electricity generation by major power producers.

There was also an increase in the proportion of low-carbon electricity generation of 7%, to an overall high of 64.4%. The share of fossil fuel generation dropped by 7% to a record low of 35.0%.

Despite the overall decrease in fossil fuel generation, there was a significant 10% increase in the use of coal for electricity generation in the same period.

Energy production from all sources saw a reduction, aside from coal, bioenergy and waste, wind and hydrofuel sources.

There was a 9.3% reduction in electricity generation by major power producers, gas production declined by 26% and there was a 10% decline in nuclear energy generation.

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