Updated Feb 28, 2024

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Council says Crooked House must be rebuilt

According to an enforcement notice issued by South Staffordshire District Council, The Crooked House pub near Dudley, which was illegally demolished after a fire in 2023, must be rebuilt.

The unsanctioned demolition of the pub following a fire in August 2023 led to an outcry. The distinctive-looking building was not listed but was a non-designated heritage asset, registered in the Historic Environment Record as a building of local importance.

The pub's trademark tilt, from which it takes its name, was caused by mining subsidence.

The enforcement notice issued by the council requires the pub to be rebuilt and reinstated "as similar as possible to the demolished building as it stood prior to the start of demolition on 5 August 2023".

This rebuilding requirement includes the pub's signage, and later extensions, and reclaimed materials from the original buildings must be used as much as possible.

The enforcement notice has a compliance period of three years. South Staffordshire says that it has "engaged with the owners since the demolition but has reached a point where formal action is considered necessary".

The notice can be appealed within 30 days. If the notice is not complied with, the council will be able to take legal action and prosecute the perpetrators.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, commented: "An enforcement notice has been issued against the owners for its unlawful demolition… they have been ordered to rebuild the pub back to what it was before the fire – just as we've been lobbying for".

A spokesperson from Historic England, said: "We welcome the news of robust enforcement action taken regarding the demolition of the Crooked House. We have supported the Police and South Staffordshire Council in their investigations into the circumstances of the fire and subsequent demolition of the building and will continue to do so".

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