Updated Feb 28, 2022

UK to build its greenest ever road

Government-owned, National Highways, has announced that they are exploring the use of carbon-neutral road construction technologies in order to make its Lower Thames Crossing project, the "greenest road ever built in the UK".

The new tunnel project linking Kent and Essex, has already reduced its predicted emissions during construction by over a third, through the use of zero carbon energy sources, recycling and other technologies. National Highways are hoping to better this and are considering banning all diesel plant from the site, and using only hydrogen and electric plant.

They are also looking at alternatives to the use of carbon-intensive materials such as concrete and steel in construction, and are seeking ways to offset any residual carbon emissions from the project.

It is predicted that building the Lower Thames Crossing will emit two million tonnes of carbon dioxide, and the traffic created by the road is anticipated to generate a further 3.2 million tonnes of the greenhouse gas over 62 years. So any efforts to reduce these emissions must be taken seriously.

Roads Minister Baroness Vere commented: "Exploring carbon-neutral construction is crucial to our efforts to decarbonise our transport network and Build Back Greener from the pandemic."