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Welcome to Barbour Consolidated

Formerly Cedrec | Legislation with amendments, showing the law as it stands today.

Our simplified portal provides current legislation with the most recent changes wrapped into one document, rather than the amendments being split out into lots of different documents.

We’ll also summarise the legal jargon and tell you what you need to know, highlighting what’s changed.

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Barbour Comprehensive

Barbour Comprehensive

Legislation, guidance, standards and comprehensive tools to help you master EHS compliance.

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Barbour Consultancy

Barbour Consultancy

Hands-on support with bespoke legal registers and training for your team.

Our specialist team will compile your health and safety or environment legal registers and/or aspects and impacts register based on your activities and site locations. You can also choose to have these updated via our Managed Update Service to free up your time and take the pressure off updating them.

We also offer all-important training to ensure you understand key legislation for your role.

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