Thoughtful Planet 3: Environmental Conference

Join us for our first ever Environmental Conference, as part of our third Thoughtful Planet Exhibition.

During this conference we will be looking at three key environmental issues:

  • Climate Change - its impact and what we can do
  • Food Waste - the cost to the planet and how and why our food ends up in the bin
  • Our Rivers - once a resource and our planets arteries, now forgotten dumping grounds

We'll also delve into art and our environment, and find out how artists are contributing to saving our planet.

This Conference aims to inform about the plight of the planet. Global issues will be explored alongside looking locally to see what we can all do to improve our natural environment.

Attendance is £5 each, and the event open to everyone. All proceeds will go to a local tree-planting scheme. You can book here.

This presentation will be given at the following locations:

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