Cedrec events

Cedrec runs and appears at a number of events over the course of the year. Here's where you can take a look at our scheduled appearances.

Cedrec Recharge: Safety

Safety legislation can be difficult to keep up with, and the consequences of non-compliance can be tragic in the worst scenarios and expensive in the best.

This half-day course will Recharge your knowledge on your obligations, compliance needs and other important aspects of legislation you need to know.

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Cedrec Online Demo

Our monthly online demos are perfect if you've added extra users to your subscriptions, or just want to refresh your memory of our system.

Book now for our Online session on Aug 1, 2019.

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Cedrec Recharge: Environment

Keeping up with legislation whilst you're juggling your role in environment can be a tricky skill to master.

Luckily, Cedrec is here to make it so much easier to do just that, with our half-day Recharge sessions.

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Cedrec Cycle Challenge 2019

Are you interested in cycling? Would you like to have a fun day out as well as meet with like-minded people? Why not join the Cedrec Cycle Challenge Ride on Friday 13 September. Its a great networking opportunity not just with IEMA members but with other associated professions. With two ride routes to choose from, you can be sure to find the distance that suits you.

Route 1: 53 miles

Route 2: 24 miles

Both rides include a lunch stop at the lovely Parkhead Station Cafe to give you the chance to fuel up for the return ride home, but if we're honest, it's almost all downhill the whole way!

Please come along and join your fellow IEMA Members, cycling enthusiasts, public and private sectors as well as other associated professions from across the region - all are welcome and a great day out! 

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ISO 14001 Environmental Manager Support

Are you a new environmental manager? Have you just been given responsibility for your company's management system?

Don't worry, our Environmental Manager Support course will prepare you for your role.

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Safety Manager Support Course

Are you new to the role of "safety manager"? Have you had extra responsibilities thrown your way, like a safety management system? Relax! Cedrec have the course for you!

This one day session will take you through key elements of OHSAS 18001, a run through of the legislation you need to worry about, and how organisations can use OHSAS 18001 to manage the safety risks and deliver improvements and well-being.

A review of ISO 45001 is included, to make sure you're ready to transition to the new standard.

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