Cedrec events

Cedrec runs and appears at a number of events over the course of the year. Here's where you can take a look at our scheduled appearances.

Cedrec Online Demo

Our weekly online demos are perfect if you've added extra users to your subscriptions, or just want to refresh your memory of our system.

Book now for our Online session on Feb 9, 2023.

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Cedrec Environment & Safety Roadshow 2023

Clear your April diary, we're back with our Annual Legislation Update Roadshow!

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Cedrec Environment & Safety Homeshow 2023

We're once again bringing you our Homeshow, beamed directly into your home and workplace in May 2023!

So pick a comfy chair, grab a cuppa and join us for a combined hour of Environment and Safety. We'll take you through all the key changes from 2022 to 2023 and everything in-between...

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Environmental Manager Support Course

Are you a new environmental manager? Have you just been given responsibility for your company's management system?

Don't worry, our Environmental Manager Support course will prepare you for your role.

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Safety Manager Support Course

Are you new to the role of "safety manager"? Have you had extra responsibilities thrown your way, like a safety management system? Relax! Cedrec have the course for you!

This one-day session will take you through key elements of ISO 45001, a run-through of the legislation you need to worry about, and how organisations can use ISO 45001 to manage the safety risks and deliver improvements and well-being.


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