Cedrec events

Cedrec runs and appears at a number of events over the course of the year. Here's where you can take a look at our scheduled appearances.

Cedrec Online Demo

Our monthly online demos are perfect if you've added extra users to your subscriptions, or just want to refresh your memory of our system.

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ISO 14001:2015 Foundation Changes Course

This course will take you through the fundamental changes made in ISO 14001:2015, to make sure you know what is needed to transition effectively.

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Cedrec Recharge Waste

Do you feel the need to freshen up your waste know-how? Recharge your knowledge with our short course on waste.

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Cedrec Recharge Energy

Recharge your knowledge with our short course on Energy.

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Carbon Management: Greenhouse gas footprinting and accounting

This course provides an introduction to climate change, carbon footprinting and energy management. Book in advance to save up to 20%.

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Energy Awareness and Action

This introductory course is for anyone wishing to learn how to measure and reduce their own energy use or that of their organisation.  The course is suitable for environmental mangers and facilities managers as well as general workforce awareness across all roles.

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Cedrec Recharge Fgas

Frustrated with Fgas? Cedrec Recharge can top up your knowledge.

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ISO 14001 Environmental Manager Support

Are you a new environmental manager? Have you just been given responsibility for your company's management system?

Don't worry, Cedrec's one day course will prepare you for your role.

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Cedrec Recharge Permitting

In a pickle over permitting? Our short course on environmental permitting is sure to help.

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