What legislation would you revoke? Survey results!

Published: 29 Mar 2017


Our surveys say…

29 March 2017

Cedrec, the online legislation analysts, conducted two surveys, asking the question to both environmental and safety professionals: in a post-Brexit world, what legislation would you revoke?

It’s a fitting question giving the timing of the notification to withdraw from the EU and the new challenges and opportunities the UK faces in safeguarding and refining legislation across all industries.

The results, from a combined 355 survey responses, were interesting.


In Cedrec’s health and safety survey, which had 158 completed responses, the top three pieces of legislation respondents would revoke were the:

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations with 43%;
  • Electromagnetic Fields at Work (EMF) Regulations with 24%; and
  • Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations with 14.5.

Every piece of safety legislation suggested in the survey was selected by at least two or more respondents, fuelling the belief that the legislation needs an overhaul.

The comments provided were enlightening. Despite every piece of legislation offered on the survey being selected by some, others suggested it would be wrong, even foolish, to even consider getting rid of health and safety legislation.

Those who were for keeping the legislation varied from staunch supporters of the provisions in place, to those who believed the legislation could stand to be “watered down”.


On the environmental side of things, the top three pieces to be up for the cut were the:

  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) with 42%;
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) with 34%;
  • Packaging Waste Regulations with 24.8%.

Unlike the suggested legislation on the safety survey, some pieces of environmental legislation escaped selection from all 197 environmental respondents.

They were the:

  • Contaminated Land Regulation;
  • Radioactive Substances legislation;
  • Air Quality Regulations.

A majority of comments from both professions vouched for the protection of all legislation, albeit with revisions and reviews. These kinds of adjustments or amendments are commonplace in legislation and it appears professionals in both sectors wish to see this continue as the UK makes its way out of the EU.

Disdain for ESOS was very apparent, along with the complexity of REACH – yet REACH, for all of its confusion, scraped only 11% in favour of abandoning it.

Both surveys suggest that, whilst legislation is difficult to work with, most respondents can freely admit that it is a necessity.

It is encouraging that the professionals of these sectors have a healthy respect for the majority of the legislation in place, even if it can be a pain.


Commenting on the results of the surveys, senior legal author at Cedrec, Neil Howe, wasn’t surprised.

 “The support, in particular, for core safety legislation is reassuring. We’ve always found that safety professionals understand the strength of UK legislation in their field, and that we really lead the way in occupational safety. This is backed up by 43% who have criticised the DSE Regulations; Legislation from 1992 that no longer reflects the needs of modern working requirements.

“Likewise with the environment, it’s not things like Permitting or Waste legislation that people think are too onerous or burdensome, its things like ESOS and CRC, which although claim to result in energy savings, are incredibly expensive to implement, with little real benefit to business.”                 


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