Road to Wellbeing interactive survey launched
Published: 30 Jun 2020

Building Mental Health and the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity have teamed up with Safer Highways to launch a major exercise to understand where the construction industry lies on its road to wellbeing.

Following the 2017 Stevenson/Farmer Report the construction industry has made a conscious effort to address the significant mental health issues from working in construction, with a variety of initiatives adopted to address key concerns.

But this is the first time that a collaborative exercise has been undertaken to benchmark what has been implemented and what more needs to be done to meet the recommendations of the Stevenson/Farmer report across industry sectors.

Safer Highways has developed a Road to Wellbeing interactive survey for companies to respond on ten questions relating to their implementation of mental wellbeing programmes in their organisation. Responses from this survey will be compared to recommendations of the Stevenson/Farmer report and produce a bespoke report that will set out practical initiatives that companies can use to further support their workforce.

This will provide companies who engage with the survey with a useful report and actions to pursue, as well as enabling a collective benchmark for the industry.

Senior representatives of companies operating across construction, rail, highways, utilities, aviation and maritime sectors will be sent the survey to complete and sector results will be published at an event on 2 December 2020.

CEO at Safer Highways, Kevin Robinson, commented: ''Last year the Highways Sector became the first to benchmark itself against the government’s Thriving at Work core and enhanced standards. But for us that was only the beginning as we sought to improve standards not just in our own sector. Through this collaborative approach with the BMH framework we now have the ability to enable organisations to benchmark against standards, and also provide access to training and a vast array of resources to facilitate improvement.''


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