World's first hydrogen gas network for homes proposed
Published: 27 May 2020

SGN has requested permission by the energy regulator Ofgem to build the world's first renewable hydrogen network for homes in Scotland.

The proposed H100 Fife facility would provide energy for 300 homes in Levenmouth, and have the option for further expansion.

Hydrogen would replace natural gas as a green alternative for heating and cooking. The hydrogen itself would be created from water through a process called electrolysis, and the electricity required for that would come from offshore wind turbines.

If given the go-ahead SGN hope to have the site operational within three years. They do not believe work will be delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, and anticipate construction to begin in early 2021.

Director of energy futures at SGN, Angus McIntosh, said: ''Hydrogen is an exciting energy vector that at scale could provide similar levels of safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy to what we enjoy now, with minimal disruption for customers. The project will provide key national evidence for hydrogen's role in the UK's energy transition and critical insight into the customer value proposition of hydrogen for heat.''

In this project new pipes would be laid alongside 1,000 properties, giving home owner the option to receive their existing gas supply or hydrogen alternative.

There is ongoing work to determine the of replacing natural gas currently used with hydrogen but using the existing pipes and infrastructure. If SGN can show that hydrogen can be safely piped through existing pipes it ensures a green future for itself. There will even be the possibility to also tap into hydrogen and the transport market.


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