Stéphanie Kilgast wins Thoughtful Planet 2 award!
Published: 14 Sep 2018

Thought Foundation’s evocative Thoughtful Plant 2 exhibition, which has been running since late June, has concluded with the Outstanding Artist Award 2018 to Stéphanie Kilgast!  

Each year, artists are asked to submit their work to the multi-disciplinary annual exhibition, which this time round showcased responses to our environmental crisis, most recently highlighted by the BBC TV series The Blue Planet.

The reflective, thought-provoking and imaginative collection explored subject matter from climate change, environmental political issues and our consumerist culture.

This year saw the launch of the first ever Cedrec Information Systems Outstanding Artist Award, something we are very proud to put our name too. We’re an environmental legislation company, which helps simplify legal requirements for UK businesses. So the partnership with Thought Foundation was an obvious one.  

It’s was great to be part of Thoughtful Planet 2, and to support such an eclectic collective which is committed to improving our environment and raising awareness of the effect of climate change on our planet. And they make outstanding cakes!  

We found it very difficult to pick an overall winner, but in the end decided on sculptor Stéphanie Kilgast. We all really resonated with her work, and how discarded man-made objects had been adapted by nature, and almost taken over for its own use.  

A real power of nature!  

About the winning artist  

Inspired by natural forms, Kilgast’s artwork is an ode to nature. She grows colourful organic sculptures on human-made objects, celebrating the beauty of nature in a dialogue with humanity, questioning the lost balance between human activities and nature.  

She built her reputation and her sculpting skills around hyper-realistic miniature food sculptures. Her work has been exhibited in America, Asia and Europe.

You can find out more about Stéphanie from her website at