SEPA launch a public consultation on Proposals for an Integrated Authorisation Framework
Published: 07 Mar 2017

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has launched a public consultation on proposals for an Integrated Authorisation Framework.

It seeks stakeholder views on features of the proposed integrated authorisation framework as a part of the Better Environmental Regulation Programme.

The proposed features set out in this consultation include:

  • the standardisation, simplification and streamlining of the process for obtaining, modifying, transferring or surrendering an authorisation, replacing the existing regimes with a common framework, where possible;
  • the introduction of simple environmental outcomes;
  • the creation of an integrated approach to public participation in decision-making in the authorisation of regulated activities;
  • an integrated "fit and proper person" (FPP) test across all regulated activities; and
  • standardisation of arrangements relating to statutory notices (such as information, enforcement and revocation notices).

The full information about this consultation and the online survey are available at:

The consultation ends on 12 April 2017.


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