SEPA's COVID-19 response
Published: 01 May 2020

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) have clarified that their focus during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be on "protecting our environment, our communities and our people."

Protecting Scotland's environment and communities

SEPA will help regulated businesses adjust to these extraordinary circumstances, which are constraining everyone's capacity and resources.

Efforts will be prioritised on those regulated sectors that are crucial to the functioning of society during this public health emergency, and will work with businesses from other sectors as much as possible.

Scotland's communities will be protected through vital flood forecasting and warning services.

Protecting people

SEPA are firmly focused on supporting the people of Scotland throughout the public health emergency and beyond.

The majority of their workforce have moved to working from home, but SEPA aim to continue to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment by:

  • attending significant environmental incidents;
  • focusing restricted field work on issues of highest environmental risk;
  • maintaining a gauging network to support the flood forecasting and warning system;
  • use new channels and means to support regulated businesses and monitor compliance.

Temporary Regulatory Position Statements

SEPA have published a series of temporary COVID-19 Regulatory Position Statements which deal with specific circumstances where they are relaxing normal regulatory requirements to avoid increasing risks to the environment or human health during the particular circumstances of COVID-19.

If you comply with their requirements, and all of your other environmental regulatory requirements, they will not normally take enforcement action against you.

The Statements published so far include:

Contact details

Any environmental incidents can still be reported by visiting:

SEPA's online enquiries form also remains operational: