Welsh Government make 2-metre social distancing a legal requirement in the workplace
Published: 07 Apr 2020

From Tuesday 7 April new legislation will come into force in Wales that applies the two metre social distancing rule to any workplace.

The aim of making this a legal requirement is to try and ensure workers are protected from the coronavirus.

All businesses will have to take all reasonable measures to ensure the two metre rule is maintained between people on their premises whenever work is being carried out. This rule also applies to work at homes, where work and repairs are being carried out, and any work in outdoor spaces.

The Welsh Government will issue guidance that will set out what is reasonably expected of businesses and employers.

First Minister, Mark Drakeford commented:

"We have asked people to stay at home, to save lives and protect the NHS. These temporary restrictions on gatherings and the movement of people in Wales are an important part of our efforts to help protect the public from the spread of coronavirus. These new regulations will ensure workers are safe in the workplace, by ensuring the social distancing measures we have put in place also apply in all people's places of work."

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